Caffe Latte
A smooth blend of select espresso and creamy frothed milk topped with a thin coating of foamed milk. New to lattes? Try something sweet and familiar, like a Vanilla or Caramel!

Our popular Caffé Latte with a splash of mocha and a dash of cocoa on top. Sure to please the sweet tooth in you!

With Abbot's Halo. Essentially the same ingredients as a latte, but a smidge stronger because of its higher espresso content, served with a thicker layer of foamed milk and a dash of cinnamon.

Extra dark roast, pulled to perfection with rich cream. Smooth and delicious.


We're proud to offer the absolute finest coffees and teas available; to ensure that you fully enjoy your experience, our baristas are happy to prepare your selection to suit your taste exactly. In addition to a dozen different flavor shots, we can also tailor temperature and mixture.


Chai Latte
A delicious and creamy blend of hot milk, fresh tea, and mouthwatering aromatic spices, frothed together and served piping hot.

Hot Chocolate
Unbelievable. We promise not to tell you mother that you like ours best.

Hot Tea
Available in a variety of flavors.

Just Java
Smooth, Fair Trade Certified premium gourmet java. Available in a variety of blends. Our own Stir It Up blend is flavord with Kahlua, Vanilla, and Caramel! You'll love it.


Frozen Latte
Espresso, milk, and ice blended into a frosty and delicious treat.

Fruit Smoothie
Frosty, refreshing, and good for you - in a variety of fruit flavors. No fat, no preservatives, no dairy. Mango, Strawberry, Peach, Nikki Hoi (Mango/Pineapple), and Strawberrynana.

Specialty Smoothie
Chocolate Covered Strawberry, Chocolate Monkey, and more - new flavors added all the time!

Italian Soda
Iced seltzer water splashed with the flavor shot of your choice. Light and refreshing.

Iced Cappuccino
Every bit as delicious as its hot counterpart, but perfectly suited for when you want something cool and refreshing.

Bottled Drinks
Stewart's Root Beer, Vitamin Water, Fiji Artesian Water, Arizona Teas, Nantucket Nectars juices, Perrier Mineral Water, Snapple Teas, and other familiar favorites.


Gourmet Coffee Cake, Lemon Pound Cake, Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies, Raspberry Brownies, Blondies, Muffins, Bagels...bring your appetite!


Have a party or meeting to plan? Have it here! Stir It Up is the perfect quaint setting for any special occasion, discussion group, or club to meet. Our atmosphere is elegant yet comfortable. With free internet, an outdoor terrace, and private room, your event here is sure to be a success!